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News Release – Glenn Morgan


The Warrnambool Art Gallery is indebted to 141 enthusiastic art donors for the latest acquisition to its Permanent Collection. The large three- panel painting, Banjo’s Funeral, by well known Warrnambool artist Glenn Morgan has been purchased from private owners by a local group.

The painting depicts the funeral of widely known and respected Gunditjmara elder, Banjo Clarke. The funeral took place in March 2000 on tribal land at Framlingham and was attended by more than 2000 people. Renowned throughout the south west and beyond for his wisdom and kindness to all he met, Banjo Clarke is remembered as one of local area’s most remarkable and interesting citizens.

Banjo’s daughter, artist Fiona Clarke was also involved in the creation of the artwork, designing the motifs which are burned into the frame of the painting.

Banjo’s Funeral was originally purchased by a Queensland couple who then lent it to the Warrnambool Entertainment Centre where it had been on display for some years.

The painting was offered to the Warrnambool Art Gallery early in 2009 but insufficient funds were available at that time. In May, Marie Cook, Manager, Department of Arts, South West TAFE advised the Foundation that the painting was available at a advantageous price providing the painting was purchased before the end of June. The Foundation offered to provide support to the group ‘The Donors for the Acquisition of Banjo’s Funeral’ that enabled banking, tax deductibility, and funds transfer to occur as well as secure assurance that the Art Gallery would accept the gift under its Collection Policy and process.

Marie Cook and Mike Kibblewhite supported by Banjo’s daughters, Bernice and Fiona Clarke, then headed a group that conducted a widespread appeal within the arts, business, and student communities in the Warrnambool region resulting in the appeal target of $12,000 being achieved (and oversubscribed) by the 25th June. The Foundation then transferred funds to The Art gallery enabling the painting to be purchased within the time limit and will form part of the Gallery’s Permanent Collection.

The widespread response indicated a generally held desire that this visual representation of a significant historic and cultural event should stay in the local area. The Foundation was pleased to be involved in important acquisition.

For further information simply download the News Release from the link provided below.

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