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Art Acquisition Fund

Your gift to the Foundation will be recognised through Foundation membership at the relevant level of giving.

Your gift to the Art Acquisition Fund will enable the Gallery to enhance its Permanent Collection and purchase art works. These gifts may be a one-off donation or form part of an annual giving program.

Gifts of as little as $1,000 can be made to the Art Acquisition Fund.

Subsequent gifts will accumulate and result in the reclassification of the membership level over time. For example: an initial gift of $1,000 supplemented with additional annual gifts of $1,000 will result in the reclassification of membership from ‘Donor’ level to ‘Gold donor’.

As a donor you will be acknowledged on the donor list within the Foundation Annual Report.

Major Donors
Membership levels of ‘Governor’ and above will be considered to be ‘Major donors’.

Major donor’s gifts within the Permanent Endowment Fund will be held in a named fund, invested within the Trust pool, the earnings from which will be used to purchase works, ensuring that the donor will be given continuing accreditation in perpetuity. The donor’s name will appear on the label in the gallery space, and will form part of the caption whenever the work is published.

Major donors will also be acknowledged in perpetuity on the donor boards within the Gallery.

Levels of Gift Recognition


Donations to the Foundation are Tax Deductible

Warrnambool Art Gallery Foundation Membership
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For further information please contact the Warrnambool Art Gallery Foundation or the Warrnambool Art Gallery Director.

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